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A variation of the Pecan. Before penetrating the vagina with one testicle, the girl shits on the ballsack. Soon after, the male thrusts one shitty ball into his companions awaiting hole.
She just asked for a Pecan, but since she just had eaten at Krystal, and it soon evolved into a Pecan Sandie.
by Luke and Kendall August 18, 2006
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Two hot milfs who wear Alien masks,
drive old lady carts in supermarkets,
cary around the letters P & S in bars,
have contests to see who can find the ugliest outfits,
and have a huge fan base such as:
Chuck Norris...and...well who wants more than chuck for a fan?
Rachel and Brittany are Pecan and Sandie! (Pecan Sandie)
by Dirt Wood Frick October 25, 2006
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