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A special breed of black who is particularly fond of pecans, but will steal all kinds of other nuts as well. Pecan niggers range in size and weight, but are usually malnourished, skinny, and the result of a failed litter of niglets.
"Hey, I think that's a pecan nigger in the bulk food aisle..."
"How can you tell?"
"He's filling his ugly face with pecans, and stuffing his pockets with Macadamia nuts..."
"That Pecan Nigger! Security!"
by gretto February 25, 2008
a derogatory term wich only the most unedicated and culturally uneducated fucks find the need to use..

racism is for the uneducated and is bred.
it pollutes the minds ofinnoncent babies so that they become the poison filled racist's they are today
and i qoute: 'you are not born a racist, you are taught racism.
'no matter what class, income or any other irrelevant information you are or have, using the term pecan nigger immediately proves that you are the lowest scum to walk this low as the terrorists. because racism is the foundation for all hate
by danicaDee July 26, 2006
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