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When a girl doesn't wipe after she poos peanut butter and has a gushing period jelly she sits on a guys face and rocks her body back and forth as he licks her back to front. She then plops her butt on his face pancake - BOOM!
It was Keesha's first time in Mexico and not only did she eat the spicy burrito, but she also drank the water. She met a hot Mexican Poppi, Pablo and they grinded on the dance floor. They went back to his room andshe blew up the bathroom. Unfortunatley Pablo had no toilet paper and she just started her period. He didn't care and wanted to lick her clean. She sat on his face and he enjoyed the Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancake that she offered. YUM!
by Poodee Doo January 28, 2012
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