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A syndrome commonly associated with bodybuilders and/or fat slobs that consume copious amounts of protein. The human bodies inability to assimilate abundant amounts of protein leads to a sludgy peanut butter like substance passing through the butt hole instead of a nice slippery turd. There is usually no beginning or ending of the actual bowel movement, much like Woody Allen movie. The permenant peanut butter sludge causes the owner to wipe dozens of times without ever resolving the poopy grime caked in the butt cheek area. Often the vigorous wiping leads to smeared poop in the lower back area, skid marks trumping a bulldozer track, and inevitably a clogged toilet.
"Dude, can you bring me some more toilet paper? I burned through this roll, my t-shirt, and both socks and I still have peanut butter ass"
by Tjjolle August 07, 2013
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