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A delicious - yet somewhat feminine - Schnapps with a strong peach flavour. Bols makes many Schnapps and the peach is very sweet and tasty. Nice on its on with rocks or delicious served in a mix to make a Fuzzy Navel.
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps neat please."
Scott: "Pardon!"
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps....neat please."
Scott: "You better order that one yourself girl, I don't need to get kicked out of here...I'd gladly get you a feminine napkin from the washroom though Nancy boy.
by psiscott April 11, 2006
The crisp edge of schnapps combined with the delicious aroma and taste of peaches. It is oh so peachy; a fuzzy navel stapler.
Peach Schnapps... dink responsifly. >:z (heave)
by dr. toofess April 12, 2013
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