Common greeting that dumbass rapstar smooth operators like to use when greeting each other - Likely a code for these idiots but really who cares
YO YO - what up Peacemaker clubbin tonite - word up - naw what Im sayyn - Dragonfruit garden
by Playa Hater December 03, 2003
Top Definition
A masturbation technique where you grab your shaft with your left hand then make a peace sign with your right hand. Place the bottom of the V of the peace sign in the middle of the shaft and apply pressure moving your right hand to the tip of your helmet. Then repeat back and forth. The concept is to tilt the peace sign forward so your extended fingers rub the bottom of your helmet on the way up.
I love watching Jag. Catherine Bell is so hot. I'm going to go pop off a peacemaker.
#masturbation #peace maker #jack off #throw rope #flog the bishop
by masturbatory_elite May 11, 2010
A type of revolver that fires a .45 caliber bullet. Used largely in the American West, it is a favorite of outlaws, bandits, and John Wayne.
Its chamber holds 6 bullets.

Or It can mean someone who makes peace between two people fighting.
The peacemaker solved the conflict.

(This sentence can be used for either defination)
by Rob Maverick Merrill April 22, 2003
(1)A song by Green Day. The 9th track on their new album, 21st Century Breakdown.

(2) A really crappy .45 caliber gun. I wouldn't recommend actually using one unless you, for some reason, end up lost in the Old West. Or Hollywood.

(3) Someone who makes peace, or solves a conflict.
(1) P1: I got the new Green Day album today! P2: Me too! It's amazing! P1: What's your favorite track? P2: Peacemaker, definitely! P1: I liked East Jesus Nowhere. *both get into long discussion over what song is best, eventually listing each and every track on the damned CD* (I am guilty of this as well)

(2) Old western movies sometimes use peacemakers, but some don't. The ones that don't are the ones you always see with someone shooting repeatedly into the sky for no reason. They would have to reload after every shot, but you never see that. They just got modern guns and put them in the old west. But does anyone care? No. Why? Hollywood says it's true, it must be true! Bastards.

(3) Person: Help! Help! There's a fight! Someone call the peacemaker!
#green day #21st century breakdown #hollywood #old west #annoying
by Ze Mole May 17, 2009
A man's penis
Those bitches wouldnt shutup, so he whipped out his peace maker and order was restored
#davo #minge #cock #hudini #jerking #muffin #red dragon #eagle
by daaaaaaaaaaaavo June 10, 2009
A .45 caliber, single shot (Meaning the hammer must be cocked back after every round fired.) revolver. Manufactured by Colt.
BAM!...."Dammit I missed"........papapapapapapPOW!...."OW! Damn single shot revolver, ugh I'm dead."
by t3h d00d April 22, 2004
a white chesty bonds singlet, the opposite of the blue wife beater.
to defuse the escalating domestic, Dazza donned the peacemaker
#wife beater #peace maker #peacemaker #singlet top #tank top #beater
by Boganicmatter October 29, 2007
brass knuckle used in a fight to win the fight;called peace maker because after used the person you fought wont mess with you anymore creating peace between two individuals.
Heres an example using two charachters named Alan and Nate.

Alan-Hey bro that guy you about to fight is big.
Nate-dont worry,I got my peace makers on.
#brass knuckles #weapons #peace #maker #brass nuckles
by bobby813 May 15, 2008
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