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The Best case synario that man be in. No Goverment Whatsoever. It is logical to lead yourself and all would be equal because theft and murder are only related to capitalists and other forms of goverment. If Peaceful anarachy would take effect, There would be no poverty because if there was a lack of food or shelter other would be logical and give them food and shelter because being selfish is Universal to Capitalists. Some say people won't change themselves for peaceful anarchy and call it a dream or a foolish thought. I believe it'd work
Capitalist: Anarchy is bullshit I'd lose my great view of the city in my office

Peaceful Anarchist: Foolish evil capitalist
by Anarchist of freedom May 01, 2005
A theoretical political state wherein all are peaceful, and agressive acts as well as any form of government are disallowed. Proponants cite Ghandi as proof of passive resistance as a means to a political end.

Little explanation exists as to the specifics of how this state would be maintained without violence.
Puff and pass, man. Quit hogging that shit. You know, Peaceful Anarchy is the way to go, man!
by Free Thought February 10, 2006
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