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Paz Lenchantin is a multi-talented musician : she plays bass, violin, guitar, piano and other things. She's from Argentina. She's cute and sexy brunette. She has the most beautiful legs. I mean she's a leggy and booty girl. When she's on stage, she uses high heels, a tiny skirt and a stretch t-shirt. She played in A Perfect Circle and Zwan. Now she plays in Papa M.
Example....mmm.... i don't know what to say.
by Cesar B November 15, 2003
Hot bass player for APC and Zwan. Has a bald fetish.
by matt October 23, 2003
Her name means 'Peace' and is pronounced 'Pause Law-Shawn-tain'. Her parents are both musicians. Her name means Peace. Paz has played with several dozen bands, taught at Flea's music conservatory and worked for the Sci-fi Channel.
by clara August 30, 2003
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