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Definitely the most gangsta hardcore rappers ever seen on the meanstreets of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The Pawhustla's live in Tulsa, but like to party in Pawhuska. They come from different back grounds, including Guam. They rap about real things, things everyone can relate to. One of their best songs is about Mr. Rogers, and his bold fashion statements. It was written in honor of this legendary television hero's death. Their first single was "Straight Outta Pawhuska" which is about always sticking to their roots, and getting the "city folk" to respect, to put up or shut up basically. The Pawhustla's held their break through show at Frontier City in June of 2003. They are awesome, but their musical days are numbered. A very wise woman, believed to have psychic abilities, predicted that they will break up in the year 2044.
Hey, did you see the Pawhustla's show last night? It was awesome!

Pssshhhaaww..... forget Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, it's ALL about the Pawhustla's!!!!!!!
by Vica July 11, 2004
the baddest gangsTAS out thurrr biatch. THERE are some who dont agree with this fact and those are the mofos know as the unionese gangstas who blantly ignored the talent of the pimp ass pawhustlas at a speech turnoment/ rap off.
did you hear that mad song new song by the pawhustlas
by SHELBUS July 11, 2004
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