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- Someone who tries to out drive transport trucks. On the highway
- Uses Catch phrases such "Dinkle Dwarf." or "What a dip stick"
-Conserves 7 year old food in the 4 different freezers in hopes to one day become a time capsule
-Turns vechicles into mini-marts

-Humming to tunes, she wishes she knew the word too
-Making up her own phiosphies such as "When your swiming use a floating around your neck to prevent water from entering your ears."
-Owns 70274927493 pairs of shoes
-Thinks she IS hockey night in Canda
-And enjoys having people give her and her toronto maple leaf flag the finger
-Enjoys geneology even on families that isn't her (Facebook creeper)
-Records 56830545 shows at once and hogs all 5 T.V.'s in the house
-Buys her kids chocolate for easter only to hide them for herself
----- Future A&E special Hoarders
"Look at all the old food in your freezer -- Looks like you pulled a Paula Wal-nuts"
by shjoch April 06, 2010
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