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Paul Rudd Radar or PRR its acronym means to have an inner radar that mysteriously notifies a woman, man, or any fan regarding any new movies, appearances, or magazines starring Paul Rudd. It's almost like a Spider Sense, but more like a Paul Rudd Sense. It's like a Death Eater's Mark on the inner forearm, but instead it signals Paul Rudd's fans of his return to the big screen, small screen, or print media.
Ever since Clueless, I've kept up with Paul Rudd, I've developed a serious case of Paul Rudd Radar (PRR).

I felt a sudden surge in my PRR when I heard about the August 2010 edition of GQ.

My Paul Rudd Radar is so strong, I was one of the few who felt the transmission being emitted from 2008's I Could Never Be Your Woman.
by mischief81 July 15, 2010

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