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Typcically bald, due to "fucking genetics" as people always claim. These type of people live up a place called Ovenden and are continuously stalked by 18 year old pricks. These pricks include: people with downers, people who have their lives controlled by their parents and people with no pubic hair.
Paul Prime likes to enjoy wrecking his wrists by typing on a keyboard all day and spamming out MSN 24/7, even whilst at college. Paul Prime's are usually best-friends with people who have downers, just so they feel a little superior in life. Paul Prime's tend to use the words "xD","LOL","LMFAO" and "Oooh-Hoooo-Hoooo(Santa-clause-like noises) FOR THE WIN!".
"That guy has the best comb-over i've ever seen!"
"That is pretty poor, it has like 4 partings!"
"I know! What a Paul Prime."
by Bronze Bear May 17, 2010
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