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The Pathological TMIer has the tendency to blurt out far too much personal information that would have been better left unsaid. Similar to a Pathological Liar, they can't seem to keep the information inside, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it may sound to others. They have no shame regarding their blatant use of TMI (Too Much Information). On the other hand, the Pathological TMIer ALWAYS tells the truth, even in cases where a lie would most likely be better for their reputation.
"Last night I had a wet dream involving SeaBiscuit."
-Pathological TMIer

"Your Father and I went skinny dipping in the moonlight. There were three full moons."
-Pathological TMIer

"I named my aborted twin fetuses Winnie and Pooh."
-Pathological TMIer

"Just so you know, Yeast Infections taste pretty good!"
-Pathological TMIer
by Amyzing69 August 05, 2009
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