Something that can be made into a pasta. Pretty much every food is pastable, if you want it to be.
Nick: "Too bad we don't have any meatballs, I really want to eat some pasta."
Lindsay: "Let's just use this potato, it's totally pastable!"

And they all live happily ever after.
by Jugina Wombie February 07, 2013
Top Definition
1. Something that could happen, but is made more likely when pasta is involved.

2. Also can be used to refer to ones ability to cook pasta.
1. Girl: Do you think you could pick me up from work?

Guy: I'm not too sure.

Girl: I'll make you pasta!

Guy: Alright, its pastable.

2. Wow you are really good at making pasta. Definitely digging your pastabilities.
by sixdollasforahotdog?! July 23, 2013
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