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a high school that is strictly guido. The guys walk around in armami and express jeans everyday with a nextel clipped to their hip. The athletes have some of the most overinflated egos I've ever seen as half of them are on steroids anyway. The girls cause the most drama I've ever seen. I swear it's like a reality tv show straight off VH1. These retards can be found in later years at a local community college or injecting steroids in each others asses at a local gym.
Passaic Valley High School has way too many guidos and steroid abusers.
by guidofan September 05, 2008
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A hellhole that is some how known as school where most of the girls think there the shit and wear tight shirts to show off there not existent "junk" and where most of the guys think there also the shit by bullying guys who are not complete dicks.
One day someone will blow up passaic valley high school
by students of passaic valley November 29, 2013

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