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Def. 1:A person that is usually interested in firearms and texting during class.

Def. 2: A person of either gender that may be a prick.
Person 1: Why are you dressed all in green?

Person 2: I'm going to join the army, what does it look like I'm doing!?

Person 1: You really are a Parwhaz, why or how do you see enjoyment in killing our race?

Person 2: Damn right I enjoy it!
by MJRV21 April 11, 2009
Def. 1: A person that is a nerd as to war games and drawing firearms.

Def. 2: A person that may occasionally be a prick.
Manny: The hell is up with you and war games!?

Ronald: I just enjoy the shooting and killing!

Manny: I'll bet you do.

Ronald: Now, what the hell's that supposed to mean?

Manny: You really are a Parwhaz!
by MJRV21 April 11, 2009