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the act of being partycore; to party through life and be an asshole. A way of veiwing life as a 24 hour a day party.

"I wanna rock and roll all night. And party every day!"

"I cant think of an example cuz I'm too hungover. I drank so much last night."

"Dude, thats so Partycore."
by Nick Nottebaum December 10, 2006
A sub-genre of Pop-Punk music that includes extremely energetic and catchy:
Lyrics (Some of which are about parties)
Live Shows (A lot of movement from the band and the crowd)

First coined in Early 2011, with influence from Andrew WKs PARTY HARD lifestyle. It was created to define the Chicago, Pop-Punk-Hardcore band UNSEEN INSIGHT by bass player Vince Baran.
It was felt that they did not fit the typical "Easycore" scene, due to lack of whining vocals, cliche music riffs, and overall "feel". The always energetic, never-grow-old, Party Hard band decided to embrace a new sub-genre now known as the Party-Core as their own bringing it forward, pioneering it to the world of music.
Pop Punk Fan: Hey man, im going to check out the local pop-punk hardcore show at the VFW tomorrow, 20 pop punk bands are playing!, wanna come with?!?

Party-Core Fan : Nah Broski! I dig that stuff but I wanna Party Hard!! Im going to check out Unseen Insight with 2 or 3 other bands and hear a NEW sound, see some hot chicks, and score some Jolly Ranchers!!! Party-Core for Life!
by Vince182 May 01, 2011
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