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A party crasher is a guy that invites himself in a party he isnt even invited to. They usually screw up the whole party. Without party crashers, parties wouldnt be fun anymore.
When theres no more alcohol at a party, what you need is a party crasher to entertain you.
by Zee Dogg May 27, 2007
An overtly loud, rather large, heavily intoxicated female, often found at large social gatherings such as parties, that will stop at nothing to get in a guy's pants; the classic fat party hoe that tries to rape you and all your friends after only one drink, exposing her true motives. Often times forces herself on small, weak, defenseless males, too timid to resist the heaving rolls of doom. She has a kid, And and really short hair cut, and that's known as the ''destiny'' ad works at McDonald.
The best Example for Party crasher, would be known as the ''destiny hackelman''
by 12347anon June 18, 2013
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