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The aromatic scent reminiscent of dead hot fish from a women’s vagina after a long night of partying/dancing with friends.
Guy 1: Dude whats that smell?
Guy 2: Ahh man thats my balls, I hooked up with this chick after a crawfish boil and she had a really bad party box.
Guy 1: ahh
by snipsnip182 April 27, 2009
a kick ass chatroom with all your friends where random crazyness ensues.
OMG did you hear? Ash got engaged to a 14 year old in yesterday's partybox!!!!11ONE
by Ash January 02, 2005
a small room, large enough only to hold a few people, where friends dance to club music.
girl1: im bored
girl2: ya me too, what should we do?
girl3: i know..let's PARTYBOX it up in the partybox!
by ee-em-em-ay January 15, 2006
When two men lay face up and parallel on the ground so that lines connecting their penises to the other man's head are parallel. Then two women will face downward and have their vaginae and mouths on penises and mouths.

The positions can then be rearranged according to sexual preference or for simple entertainment.
Damn, I walked into my roomates and their girlfriends in a Party Box on the floor. Now they're telling me I have to clean up after them.
by Rolland Kraulter October 26, 2010
The waste receptacles found in women's restrooms used for the disposal of feminine hygiene products. Also can be used to refer to a box of tampons or maxi pads.
We all wondered why she was being such a bitch, then we realized it was party box week and all was forgiven.

I have to go to Target, I'm out of party box supplies.

by DivaDivine July 25, 2007

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