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Socks which failed to be removed prior to intercourse. Said socks need not be used only during sex. Party socks are usually the result of laziness or haste.
We were totally going at it but I had to stop him because I couldn't stop laughing at his party socks.
by lol party sox December 06, 2005
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Socks worn during sex.
Worn when it is extremely cold or when kinkiness is needed.
it was -2 degrees at her house so i wore my party socks...
oh hes so hot in his party socks...
by Luken June 03, 2007
Cramming all of your drugs down the side of your sock to defeat bouncer searches.
Fucking hell, did you you see the party sock on Cheech tonight?
by Indifferenty December 12, 2007
Was once a pejorative term for dark socks or dress socks. This was back when pretty much everyone wore white socks and wearing dark socks was not cool. However, this has changed so maybe the meaning of the word has flip-flopped.
Nice party socks, dork.
All my white socks were dirty so I had to wear party socks.
by fuzzywitman March 18, 2006
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