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When you give a chick anal and you cum on her ass then put confetti all over her ass cheeks so its look like a party popper.
Some tuff cunt: Last night I totally gave that chick a party popper.
Some tuff cunt 2: That was my girlfriend you faggot cunt
Some tuff cunt: Suck my dick uleh
by WHO WOULD USE MY FUCKING NAME? October 23, 2009
during an orgy with more than one male and at least 2 females when your about to ejaculate you go to the nearest male a jizz allover his butt-ox, anus, or facial areas
wow, i never felt better after Jake gave my that party popper last night Julian never lol'ed more in her life
by Haku Rivenu clan October 12, 2010
A menstruating vagina plugged with a tampon. Pull string to pop. Enjoy.
2 guys in club
man1: dude check out girl in mini skirt, she is up there grindin on the pole
man2: aw gross man that bitch has a party popper!
man1: (laughs) yea why don't you go pop it
by b-green July 14, 2008
The cars that all the bogans drive cos they can't afford ones with sweet engines in them. All they can do is take the hot dog out of the exhaust.
Just like party poppers they make a lot of noise but go no where.
Werner's a fag cos his party popper is gay
by Choobang October 05, 2007
When a girl is giving you head, just as you cum, ram your cock down her throat, your fingers up her nose and twat her in the belly. Since you've blocked up most of her, she will now proceed to involuntarily shit herself.
Sophie was blowing me last night, I gave her a party popper; the smell wass aweful but it was sooooo funny
by Frattasi January 26, 2009
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