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A group of special people that get together and all hold a role in trowing a party. Needs to have special operational skills like deception, intimidation, a understanding of who to tell what, how to change opinions and the inborn skill of how to handle people.
Ex. The guy whose house your going to. The bartender at the party. The guy who gets the drinks. Are all part of the driving force that holds party's known as the Party Squad.
by Lyman Winser March 09, 2013
A group consisting of the hard core party girls. Everyone knows them, they party hard, love to have a good time, and DGAF about anything. Most people try to be posers and think they are part of the Party Squad, but they can't handle the lifestyle of a true Party Squad member. These girls run their shit and know they're bad. They have a lot of haters, but even more friends. Get to know them, 'cause they know what's up.
Did you see Alex, Kinsey, Parish, and Lindsey the other night throwing down shots and kicking ass at beer pong? "Hell yeah!, they're the Party Squad, they always do that."
by YehhhhBishhhh March 11, 2010
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