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A party barge is a homemade water-craft usually made out of plywood, with 55 gallon oil drums, or some other floaty shit, as pontoons to float the boat.

On the flat surface of a party barge, you can get drunk, and relax in lawn chairs as you cruise around in the water, picking up some Dime Pieces.

Most party barges are equipped with a mini fridge, a blender, and a Ghetto Blaster, so you can crank the tunes and keep your beverages cold as you make margaritas.
Guy 1: Dude you guys made this party barge?

Guy 2: Yeah we got some plywood and oil barrels at the dump.

Guy 1: Damn this thing is fucking nice!!

Guy 2: ikr

(Guy 1 and Guy 2 party the day away)
by Rapehound June 24, 2011
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