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your homie, your nigga, your boy, your aquantince
nigga you my partna dem
by meyah beyah shmeyah March 07, 2010
1. song by Rich Kids ft young Dro
2. Meaning you ride/roll/are down with a group or click
A b g (Partna dem)
Y c (Partna dem)
Yung stacks (Partna dem)
Y m m (Partna dem)
30 deep (Partna dem)
M b c (Partna dem)
C r g (Partna dem
by minnesotaeric17 June 11, 2009
ride or die niggas, long time home boys, my goons
mobbin is a must with my partna demyou dont wanna see me and mypartna dem
by muckbaby November 15, 2010