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When you are "friends" with someone you work with or go to school with but do not have contact with that person outside of the office/classroom.
Jim: Dude you're always talking with Ryan in class, do you guys hang out a lot after school?

Sean: Naw man, we're just part-time friends.
#part #time #friends #freinds #school #class #work #office
by MarvelousOnePak February 25, 2010
A PTF is a person who desperately wishes to conduct a "Friendship Session" and will, unrelentingly, pester you until you do accept some terms. Then, after the session, they simply fade back into obscurity for weeks or months until they become bored again.
"Damnit, he's calling again!"
"What? That's the fifth time this hour!"
"Fuck it, i'll set up the damned Session so that I don't have to deal with this Part-Time Friend anymore."
"It doesn't last forever, you know. He'll bug you again in a week."
"*Sigh* I know..."
#friend #part #time #part time #part-time #ptf #annoying
by MM3K September 29, 2012
A part-time friend is a person who acts like they want be friends with you when you're there but could give a fuck less about you when you aren't physically there.

In other words, someone who wants to be your friend only when it's convenient for them.
Laura wants to be a friend when we're hanging out but doesn't want to be a friend when we're not. That's called being a part-time friend.
#fake friend #fraud #deceptionist #frienemy #liar #selfish #self-oriented
by krissiethefallen April 02, 2015
Someone who only wants to be friends when it betters their situation. Doesn't talk to you all the time but only when it's good for them.
Damn she's only a part time friend.
#fake #sideways friends #lame #part time #rude
by Part time friend February 15, 2015
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