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A non-exclusive relationship. Can involve people being honest and on the level with each other, or cheating on or lying to others.

It can be a positive relationship where people who don't want to be alone, but aren't wanting or able to be in a full-time/exclusive relationship, can have a friend to do activities with. It can be sex based, or include other activities and sharing. It can be more than just a friends with benefits relationship as well.

It can also be a negative relationship, where one is cheating or leading on a partner and avoiding being exclusive. It can be just about sex, it depends on the individuals involved.
After my divorce, and with kids and work, I don't want a guy around all the time right now, but I would like a part time boyfriend.
by PartTimer September 02, 2011
Both parties are interested in each other and are "seeing" each other, but are not ready to be FBO. This will include not cheating on one another, nor getting upset if one dances with someone at clubs when the other party is not present. Both parties also will not be clingy.
What is going on with you and John, I didn't see you at the club the other night?

Oh, he is just my part-time boyfriend.
by gertrudecaroli March 16, 2011
a guy who wants to be exclusive and have all teh perks of having a girlfriend, but who doesnt want any of the responsibility, like doesnt want to buy presents on birthdays or meet each others families or spend the week ends together. They are happy to be part time...
So it's you and your boyfriends one year, are you doing anythign special?
obviously not he's a part time boyfriend he can't be bothered.
by yesgirl223 July 13, 2010
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