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Having sex with a girl on her period.
Sticking your penis in a girl who has a "sea" of blood.
Joe:"Yo man, that bitch is fine and I wanna do her, but shes on her period!"
Bill: "It look's like you should go part the red sea."
by Ted Striker October 05, 2007
To go down on a woman, while she is on her period.
She was on the rag and wanted me to go down on her. I decided to go ahead and part the red sea.
by armyxrays January 05, 2008
The act of slapping a girl's ass until it turns cherry red, then forcefully parting it with your two hands before insertion.
" Johny wanted to part the Red Sea with his girlfriend because her ass looked so fine!"
by splooger69 December 07, 2013