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You know your at/go to parkway west when...

there's trash talking about Central. you see an orange lambo every afternoon. you know who "Scogs" is. you see sophmores and freshman trying to get away with parking in the teachers lot...(stupid underclassmen). you see a longhorn at every corner. most girls are orange or tan. you see atleast 30 BMW's in the senior lot. you hear juniors complaining about the "hill/pit". there's atleast 3 fights within the 1st month of school. you hear about/see lame senior pranks. You hear about kids going to state for sports. You hear about kids getting perfect scores on the ACT. you see a short blonde haired lady walk around with uggs. you hear "west is best" in every attepmt at a motivational class meeting. you see atleast like 5 cameras in every hallway/breeze way.You know who the Gabberts are. you go to a fottball game and can barely find place to sit on the bleachers. you know about the racist grade level principle. You know that ashort a-days aren't really short. you call freshman frosh. theres atleast 3 pregnant girls at school a semester. you know how to get around the cameras to get off campus.
-you know were playing central on friday?
*aye were not even playing them...were dominating.
-Well duh. were from Parkway West High school
by Dubpw April 17, 2009
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