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Part Goth, Part Emo, All Pointdexter

One who treads that fine line between "sexually ambiguous" and straight out cockmunch

Lives in denial of their nerdism by growing a fringe and pretending to be "alternative"

Known for using props to enhance their chances of picking up:
"Oh I love that ridiculously oversized key hanging around your neck - what is that for?"

"That's the key to my late grandmother's chastity belt"

"Dude, what the fuck?"
Check out Ed in his purple cowboy boots and Elton John sunnies - is he doing a Parko?

Man, I had no luck with the ladies last night - I should've pulled a Parko...then I'd truly be balls deep...
by Saigon Tiger June 24, 2009
Some kid with a massive foreskin
Timothy 'Parko' Parkinson
by CATTCATT June 29, 2009
an addiction to plastic surgery, onset is very early in ones teenage years.
I hope when I move to LA i don't get a parko
by kaz & joxter October 11, 2009