Parkers are total flirts, so you can never tell if he's liking you back. Almost always gorgeous, with shaggy-ish red-blonde hair and to-die-for eyes. Parkers usually live in medium-sized towns and are (of course) a year younger that the one who cares for him. Beware of pakers: they have unknown hypnotic powers that pull you in faster than anything!! Also, parker is usually the middle name of a boys named Joseph, but liked their middle name better.
Girl: OMG ur SUCH a Parker!!
Boy: Actually, my first name is Joseph, but whatever.
Girl: oh... Hi PARKER!!!
Boy: *exasperated sigh*
by BananaHannnnnnnnn January 08, 2009
a parker is usually very cute, average in height with dirty-blonde flippy hair. He usually dates short brown haired girls and falls hard. A parker is very sweet and trusting, but constantly will try to push you for what he wants. HE IS THE BEST KISSER EVER! and has a good sized penis.
girl: wow i've never been kissed so hot in my life!
girl2: by who??
Girl: oh it was a parker
by bjqueen12 September 05, 2011
the sweetest hottest guy ever. he maybe conceded have a huge ego and talk like a man whore sometimes. but he gets around girls so funny really nice sensitive. if a parker likes you go for it. it will be the best decision you will ever make. i didnt and i regret it sooo much.
girl 1- parker asked me out
girl 2- what did you say
girl 1- no, he is super conceded
girl 2- big mistake, you will regret it
girl 1- no way

one year later

girl 2- look how happy parker and his girlfriend are
girl 1- i know that could have been me but i said no
girl 2- told you you would regret it
by takeluck December 02, 2010
1)A.k.a satan incarnate
2)a badass that knows more ways to kill you then any karate master.
3)a medievil weapons master that would make Luke skywalker look like a little baby with light stick.
Dude, Parker just f***** that guy up...
by Memnon May 02, 2005
Parker: Parker is cool, funny, athletic, and has a great personality! He is normally a very cute guy, and cares about another person's feelings. Since Parker is an athletic kind of guy, he often plays sports like football, soccer or maybe even basketball or baseball. He makes a great boyfriend and cares about his and only his girl! Don't mess with him or his girl! Parker's normally date girls of the opposite hair/eye color finding them more attractive! Most Parkers even date girls with specific names like Emily, Jessica, Madison, Sarah etc. Parker's also love to hang with their best guy friends and need some guy time every so often!
Girl 1: Dang, who is that cutie over at that lunch table?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Parker! I have history with him, he isn't the brightest, but he's really funny!
by NamePredictor01 July 23, 2013
The Prettiest Girl On The Face Of The Planet. She Is The Definition Of Perfect.
Aye boy you see that Parker? Ya bruh I'd dat shit.
by Tyrone Latrell Jackson July 27, 2012
That kid you thought was the plainest, most boring, most normal kid you'd ever seen until you started talking to him. When talked to, a Parker will magically transform into a wizard of strangeness that you slowly realize is a lot like you. Parkers have an innability to be assholes, and they are usually your introduction to the actual cool world. He's not one of those losers who say they're cool. He actually IS cool. And he lacks no self esteem, but he doesnt flaunt his coolness like the other guys do.Usually he keeps his real feelings a secret, but he's easy to figure out. A parker is, in a package, a crazily cool good friend.
"hey look it's parker!"
by winslowswag February 28, 2015

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