Lazy jobless bastard that sits on his ass all day. Someone who may ask for a bite of anything you got.

Our freind here. Also see number 1.
Ross has become quite the park bench around the house due to his being laid off.
by Danny Pocket May 03, 2006
Top Definition
The lower belly fat that hangs between a persons legs when sitting down, like when sitting on a "park bench"
Her park bench is so big that she cant close her legs when she sits.
by funnygalsmac April 20, 2015
1.A place for a homeless penis to sleep 2. Term used to define a women only used for sex when a more suitable residence cannot be found.
Don't worry about me fella, I'll just sleep on a park bench.
by Ian McDonnell April 11, 2006
N: Slang term for a rear spoiler that is so big and ignorant that it looks like someone glued a parkbench on the trunk of their car. Parkbenches are commonly found on all make of chaviots and pre-1995 Civics, Integras, Eclipses, and Accords (lowered). Most cars will usually also have an array of non-functioning "race" gauges across the dash, as well as neon running lights on the ill-fitting aftermarket ground effects body kit.

If you see a car with a parkbench, enjoy a chuckle but give it a wide berth........driver is likely smoking a cigarette with one hand, talking on the phone with the other, and driving with his lap.
Yo, check out the parkbench on that old Integra! Ha!
by FrankGrimes July 08, 2005
when someone is really boring they are consider as boring as a park bench e.g. a park bench does more than them.
that kid is a park bench he does nothing
by poohead111 April 05, 2010
1)A fat ugly chick who does nothing but annoy and is not capable of going out in public without making a scene.
2)A girl so fat that she takes up one whole park bench.
Also see Rock and Basketball Hoop.
Random Person: "How long did it take you to get rid of that park bench?"
Yourself: "That fat chick stayed until all the food ran out."
by Aries of STARS May 09, 2007
Noun- A short, fat dog. Origin: the dog's profile and mass.
My dog's a freakin park bench.
by Doomlad April 02, 2007
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