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When an individual changes his/her personality to the extreme after having a child, causing this person to completely change his/her group of friends. This can be due to drastic lifestyle changes such as no longer going to clubs, or drastic changes in opinion.

Because of the changes attributed to "parent crossover," many people who get married/have kids before age 25 end up breaking up friendships/ties with those who haven't had kids yet.

In many cases, the person was the most promiscuous and drank the most of all of their friends, but completely do a 180 after having the child, next proceeding to criticize their friends who drink/go out, etc.

In some cases the person undergoes this change for the best interest of the child. In other cases, they are simply jealous that all their friends get to go out when they can't.
Woman before parent crossover.......

Friend 1: What's the big deal they were making with swine flu?
Friend 2: Yea a couple of years ago, everyone was too afraid to go to the mall. Dude, it's just like the normal flu!
Woman before parent crossover: Yea, I'd say it's less severe than the normal flu!

Woman after parent crossover.........
Friend 1: What's the big deal they were making with swine flu?
Friend 2: Yea a couple of years ago, everyone was too paranoid about that
Woman after parent crossover: Oh no! I think swine flu is a huge deal! I want to do the best to protect my baby boy! You guys don't understand because you aren't a parent! Oh, my poor baby boy, everyone should drop everything to worry for my poor baby boy! Blah blah blah!


Woman before parent crossover:

Friend 1: Are you ok, Sally?
Woman before parent crossover: Oh, man, I got so wasted at the club tonight! And I made out with 3 guys! (Throws up and stumbles everywhere)
Friend 2: I hope Sally's ok!

Woman after parent crossover:
Friend 1: Who wants to go out tonight?
Friend 2: Sure, I'm up
Woman after parent crossover: Oh, no! Going out is so tacky! Everyone who goes to clubs is just a cheap ho. You guys obviously have nothing better to do than to just go to clubs and get wasted and talk to a bunch of guys! I'm at home taking care of my baby boy!

Friend 1: What's up with Sally?
Friend 2: She's already had the parent crossover. :(
by Cat85 January 18, 2012

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