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"Pardon My Pester Ball," or, in its most recognizable form, "#pardonmypesterball," is a term used by troll hunters seeking to antagonize trolls out of hiding, exposing their true forms.

In turn, it is used by trolls to indicate to their intended target that they are trolling, or to shift conversation topics to an ideal position for antagonizing.

The term comes from Pokémon Snap. Pester Balls are multi-colored balls that at first appear to be regular Poké Balls. However, instead of catching Pokémon, they release a noxious Pokémon repellent that can knock out or stun Pokémon.
They help to flush out wild Pokémon, provoke an irritated reaction, and sometimes even knock them out of the way.

Synonyms: 1) U Mad? 2) Problem?
#pardonmypesterball but "Born This Way" sounds a lot like a Madonna song. #kanyeshrug
by urdoingitwrong May 15, 2011
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