some kind of nut I guess
That's the second biggest paranut I've ever seen.
by min February 06, 2004
Top Definition
Used to describe a group of hardcore Paramore fans.
I don't know any Paranuts... but I have a pair a' nuts!
by YapmelkXela January 07, 2010
A member of Paranut Project. (
(no example)
by sycho February 05, 2004
A gfx nerd, a person who's concern and hobby is nothing else/less than the best of graphic excelence.

A Paranut is of Danish nationality.
Hey, you - Paranut - get over here!
by sycho February 05, 2004
a danish graphic community
whats up ma nigga..? checked the latest posts on by ecliptic?
by ecliptic February 05, 2004
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