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1. A girl that everyone believes is one thing, but inside she's the polar opposite.
2. An idea of a girl that someone creates that the rest of the world wants to make real, but the girl herself knows that, that is not her.
I've realized that i've become a 2 dimensional piece of paper as everyone produced different ideas of me, I was a paper girl.
by parismonamour August 30, 2015
1. a female paper delivery person
2. a girl who likes it in the ass (SEE Paper Route)
She's a papergirl? Man the sex musta been tight
by paper May 13, 2004
A fake ass bitch who is super preppy and pretends that she's someone she's not. Pretends that she's all that and treats everyone else like shit. She also is really self-centered and you never want to meet her cuz you might become one of them. Acts like everyone else is fake
"Did you see that paper girl?"
"Dude yeah we better run before she sees us!"
by nodramallama May 19, 2014
a girl that wants to be out and about with her mates but to do this she needs the money and her parents are making her work for it !!!!!!!
she is usually sporty and active who does't spend to long on her make up and hair.
"hey we have only one paper girl"
"oh yeah whats she called "
"sarah of course!!"
by rugbymad March 12, 2009
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