The occult art of changing the meaning of things by writing or stamping things on pieces of paper and moving them around. A skilled papermaster might give himself the privilege to drive, or make himself a citizen of many nations. Regrettably, most budding papermasters sell their souls and become file clerks instead.
I worked a bit of papercraft, and now I can drink legally!
by Logical Dash February 22, 2006
Top Definition
A hobby of crafting three-dimensional models out of paper, not too different from origami. The difference is that papercraft involves cutting out shapes and holding them together with glue, whereas origami involves folding a model from a single sheet of paper without glue or cutting. Very similar to card modeling.
A-kun: I've never seen anyone go through so much printer paper!
B-chan: That's papercraft for ya. C-san's really gotten into it these days.
by Yoji0 May 05, 2007
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