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paparbrizzi n. (pa par brit' zee)
Paparazzi dedicated to following Pop star Britney Spears 24/7. Celebrity photographers who choose to focus only on Britney Spears, knowing they will have daily shots of Britney that are at least internet postable, and likely saleable. Paparazzi who latch on to Britney Spears as the "low hanging fruit" of paparazzi celebrity subjects.
Rookie paparazzi's who latch onto the top paparazzi subject.
After her release from the hospital, Britney Spears was surrounded by the constant flood of "paparbrizzi".

The photographer became a "paparbrizzi" due to the frequency of Britney sightings, and the potential for profit.

Britney Spears sometimes seems to enjoy the "paparbrizzi"

by Viva Vic Vegas February 11, 2008
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