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As in reference to WWII, now refers to overly-obese and extremely obnoxious females with insatiable appetites for men of any type. Like the German tanks that share the same name, spotting one almost always means trouble. More mobile and crafty than a Sherman, a Panzer Division is never seen without alcohol and/or drugs and often wears clothing that no women their size should ever consider buying for sake of the entire world. Best to avoid at all costs.
Oh no, look out, I think that Panzer Division has spotted us and is tromping towards this way! RUN!


We better break this party before that Panzer Division over there sees us.
by C-Chilla January 09, 2006

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(n.) Rhythmic noise act from Delaware whom possesses crushing power in which to dominate the civilized world.
You cannot stop PANZER DIVISION crushing power!
by Anonymous June 10, 2004