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Turning a normal mad monday into a complete mess of a day where women cant be spoken to and if they try to make contact they get spat on. Barking at everyone an everything. Performing gang-bangs, emptying fridges over balconies, break and enter, smashing walls, chairs and an other object. Stealing a kilo of salami and chicken. Listening to emotional music then skulling beers. Not taking off ur footy clothes from the day before. And bringing back the crowds to park footy.
Why is that man barking at a potplant??
Oh it must be Panthers Mad Monday!!!

Why is there a cock in each of my holes and hands??
Oh he must be a Panther on his mad monday!!!

Why are you throwing everything out of my fridge??
Oh im a Panther on my mad monday!!!!

Why did you just spit on me??
Oh im a Panther on my mad monday so fuck off slut!!!
by CaptainPanther September 15, 2010
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