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Basically a person who licks pants, but also has come to be used as following:

A person who is determined to squeeze everything they can out of a situation.
Used in the commercial "Pop Tarts - Pantlicker (2002)".

A man is in his office eating a Pop Tart Pastry Swirl and the filling spills on his pants and he takes them off. But then the cleaning lady walks in and sees him trying to lick the fruit off of his pants and she gives him that dirty look and says, "Pant licker!"
by WTFish August 13, 2006

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a grubby individual who picks food off his pants and eats it.
Jeff Thomas is a pant licker
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
One who licks pants.
"Man that new guy is such a pant licker....... I wanna see if he's single."
by Jupi February 21, 2003