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The process of doing or snorting a rail of blow of an erect penis and then having sex.
She took that panger like a pro and kept going at it till the early morning.
by buckwild8 March 06, 2008
39 14
show me you pangers...
by Fiftyakaferrarif50 November 17, 2009
10 0
An old bloke smelling of urine
a bus load of pangers came in at western supermare
by Ems74 December 08, 2006
14 11
Anger created by and used exclusively in pubs.
The cider gone up 10p, I've got panger!
by strettonlads July 15, 2010
5 4
an ex-military, straightedge hardcore kid with constantly changing hair color. often observed in his natural habitat of middletown, ohio; playing guitar, hanging out with friends, or going to shows.
dude, were you there when pangers kicked that jeff kid in the face at the fish club? i was rofling...
by kXp March 06, 2008
2 31