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Meaning 'to shit' in white people language.
It can be added to someone's name to make it sound funny or offensive.
A: i want to go see doctor.
B: Why?
A: i 1 month no pang sai liao.
B: 1 month r? Better go see quick. Later the sai go into your brain then you die.
A: wei...don say like that i worry leh.

Pang Sai + Name
Pang Sai + John = Pang Sai John
Pang Sai + Andy = Pang Sai Andy
Pang Sai + Jie = Pang Sai Jie
by Dominatora November 05, 2011
1) A piece of defecation through a chinese man's anus
2) A crude chinese man's curse when something unfortunate happens to him.
1) Oh man, that chinese man with the warts on his face just left that pangsai at the corner of the lift.

1) Chinese Man: "That Indian dude smells just like pangsai!"

2) Man: "Pangsai! That was the strangest vaginal flatulence I've ever had!"
by dangermanlol April 13, 2009
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