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An addicting game for the SNES and Nintendo Gamecube that was and still is, arguably, the best puzzler on the console at that time. It has been ported to several other NinCo systems and localized in North America under the name Tetris Attack.

There were also several other rereleases both in Japan, and America. The list of known commercially released Panel de Pon releases are below, in italicized text.

The main premise of Panel de Pon is that you are given a stack of rising panels. You are to flip panels two at a time until you got three or more identical panels in a row. Failure to do so would mean the stack of panels touching the top and unfortunately losing the game.

The more appealing part of PdP was to get chains (PdP gamer speak for chain reactions) in which one set of panels would pop, causing another set of panels to fall down, which caused another set of panels to drop. In Versus or Versus CPU mode, doing chains or combos (popping more than three panels) would result on garbage blocks being placed on the other player's side of the battlefield, which could be eliminated by popping adjacent panels.

There's more to it than that, but this definition should only be so big. The best website to learn more about this addictive game would be
The main Panel de Pon releases (and subsequent rereleases) are:

Panel de Pon (Japan; Super Nintendo and Game Boy
Tetris Attack (America; Super Nintendo and Game Boy)
Pokémon Puzzle League (Japan, America; Nintendo 64)
Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Japan, America; Game Boy Color)
Part of Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Japan and Europe; GCN. A US release was cancelled.)
by Spiritsnare July 12, 2004
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