When a girl gives you head and you ejaculate in one eye and punch her in the other.
she will have one white and one black eye
also see pirate and scroll down to the sexual definition
"i once gave a woman a panda (with permission of corse) why she let me, ill never know."
by dangerous92 September 18, 2008
Mystical creature which lives in the dark and has a black heart
The pandas are coming!
by Cpt. Obvious April 12, 2003
Imagine a cute little baby, a few rainbows after a nice spring shower, the feeling of turning your pillow to to 'cold side', then imagine the complete opposite. No fuck that...imagine a furious bear charging at you, pissed because you took his bamboo, now imagine him tearing your arms off and eating your face...whole. Then, after he has decapitated you, he pees on your carcass. They have also been known to defecate on your carpet.
rayette, fat, panda, bear, silly, haha, pee
by Matrix_Bunny September 21, 2008
its the greek god of vengence, either that or im a liar.
"The great panda will rule heavens skys and send down planes of fire and dispair from every cloud."
by burkland February 14, 2004
Vicious eye ripping out freak that masquerades as a fun loving black and white bundle of love
Aaaah the flippin' panda just ripped out ma good glass eye
by Antwan April 22, 2005
When you run up a wall and do a backflip.
wanna see me do a Panda
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
A rung on the bear girl rating system.
A panda bear is a girl that is cute and cuddly, but mostly on a physical level. A panda bear can very well be an awesome person, but this fact is not necessary for panda-bear-ism.

The term "panda bear" itself can also apply to a situation in which a guy is crushing or picking up a panda bear.
"Dude, major panda bear, 3oclock"

"Hey Josh, are you panda bearing?"

"RICK PANDA RICK PANDA" (This is used to make things awkward for the guy, considering the girl doesn't know what it means, having a friend repeat those random words to Rick puts the pressure on)
by swiffer September 20, 2007

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