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A Policeman/Policewoman. So called because of their (usually) black uniform, on their (usually) white skin, which may resemble the black and white fur of a panda. See also, Panda Car
Oh shit man, the Pandas are coming! Let's get out of here!
by Rossi October 13, 2005
Mystical creature which lives in the dark and has a black heart
The pandas are coming!
by Cpt. Obvious April 12, 2003
When you run up a wall and do a backflip.
wanna see me do a Panda
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
its the greek god of vengence, either that or im a liar.
"The great panda will rule heavens skys and send down planes of fire and dispair from every cloud."
by burkland February 14, 2004
Roaming through the woods, evading enemies (police), eating pandacakes in his Panda food shack, wearing nothing but black and white, this Panda lives on. Secksay beastie.
Look! It's a Panda!
My god, he's sexy.
by Beva January 15, 2007
word used to descirbe someone who is of asian descent, not used as a racial slur.
damn, that panda over there is hot.
by 808kick December 06, 2006
Vicious eye ripping out freak that masquerades as a fun loving black and white bundle of love
Aaaah the flippin' panda just ripped out ma good glass eye
by Antwan April 22, 2005