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Panda Slap is a term created and used by professional wrestling tweeter and youtube web show host, WrestleBunny. It is a severe form of slap, with a large panda like hand, connecting to your face in a matter of seconds. Your head is liable to snap off and roll away or your cheeks may light on fire after Panda Slap is applied.
"If you don't comply, I will panda slap you!"
"Ignore Bunny and get panda slapped!"
"Panda slap your mom."
by WrestleBunny January 19, 2010
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A sexual act where the male partner ejaculates on his partners face, covering his/her face with white seed. He then procedes to club at his partners face, preferably around the eyes to form bruises around the eyes giving the appearance of a panda.
Male : "what's wrong with your girlfriends eyes?"
Male 2: "she got 2 black eyes last night"
Male : "wow, how did she get them?"
Male 2: "oh i gave her a panda slap"
by Kasianboy October 29, 2012
A term used to describe a mating act were as the female is down on all fours and the male holds her down and proceeds to slap her profusely until she submits.
Maria enjoys the panda slap waaaay too much.
by pandaman999 September 08, 2006

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