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n. An event held every Monday night at Pancho's Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, California in which a small hypoglycemic man-child hosts a show filled with national-touring-headlining comedians, up-and-coming young comedians, and hot girls the host gives stage time to in order to get their phone numbers.
"Excuse me, sir, do you know where I can go on a Monday night that has a comedy show with margaritas, mexican food, a male bartender with a pony tail, a bunch of fresh-off-the-press divorcees, young college girls, hilarious comedians, prank phone calls, jalepeno margaritas, cervesas, people passing out making the host call 911 from stage, Phil Jackson dining off to the side, young talented comedians finding their voice, beer chug-offs, sing-alongs, dance offs, impressionists, musical comedians, the six flags guy, drinking games, pregnant hostesses, balloons, sombreros, pinatas, and giant fish hanging from the ceiling?"

"Pancho's Comedy Night."
by Elmira17 February 23, 2014
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