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The "Panama Shift" is a well known sex rotation for three people. It was created to keep sexual activity constantly going throughout a 24 hour period. It generally involves two transvestites and one male. This allows one person to take a break while the other two are having sex with each other, and a rotation is established.

The Panama Shift can also be accomplished with two transvestites and a female, as long as she has a strap on dildo. This is sometimes called the Panama Giraffe.
Tom: "Hey, guess what I did in Rio De Janeiro!"
Mike: "Banged all the trannies there?"
Tom: "Not all of them! But I was part of a Panama Shift!"
Mike: "Awesome!"
Tom: "My butt hurts now, but it was totally worth it!"
by lumberjacker55 December 16, 2010
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