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When "suckers" or "loser" people, try to sarcastically humiliate their girl friend when they fight, by making false mean advertisement of the partners genital organs as jokes to their world, telling everybody it looks like a flat pan, or big bowl or big saucer orlake or ocean or toilet seat or drainage pipe,and trying to exaggerate as mean as possible, so everybody feels obnoxious and gross about the girl friend.
1)Billy had a nasty fight with Betty, and ended up giving free pan'demic genito-ads of Betty, which was obnoxious and unbelievable.
2)After the fight, Betty had to silently bear with Billy's Pan'demic Genito-ads, because she didnt know any better way to prove, even if she wanted to prove,it was wrong.
#genitals #pandemic #world #humiliate #sarcasm
by Petersonn December 09, 2005
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