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A city in Florida noted for it's large negro population and world-renown meth houses.
"Hey wanna take a trip to West Palm?"

"Nah, meth's cheaper in Palm Bay"
by Maximum The Kyle July 14, 2008
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An underpopulated suburb in the middle of Florida. The only thing to do here is smoke weed and possibly watch Adventure Time while you're tripping. The "scene" crowd and wanna be break dancers take up this city. and lots of people are sexually active. mostly its just the teens. Almost everyone that moves here is from new york, mostly upstate. which is one thing i can never understand. just stay in New least down there your hot dogs don't have rations of rat meat in them. oh and you cant forget all the sluts and wonderous sexting and also the various meth labs in motel 6.
1: hey lets go to orlando
2: hell no lets go to palm bay pick up some sluts and meth and call it a day
1:alright dad i guess i have to go with it..its your birthday.
by MoiSizzL3 January 29, 2011
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Palm bay is the second largest city (landwise) in the state, but the bay is in fact the size of a football field and is not even a park. It is well known for the criminals and robberies as well as the horrendous parks and athletic facilities. You will enjoy your time in this city as there are no malls, no downtown, no bowling allies, or no movie theaters. People spend their spare times getting lost in the circular roads with wierd names.
After getting lost on the way to the baseball field, I hit in my son baseballs in a park in PALM BAY where a ball came up and broke his nose
by YOYO16 March 28, 2009
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A city in Central Florida, known for its array of aspiring rappers.
"Yooo Young D is gonna be the hottest rapper ever out of Palm Bay."
by Bay Boy 321 August 28, 2008
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