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This is an Asian disorder which causes the victim to constantly lie. The disease somehow has spread from Asia to a small place in England called Middlesbrough.

The disorder can quickly enhance leading to worse symptoms, known as Obafemi Pallying. These symptoms lead to the victim talking complete bullshit and constantly watching the Jim Carrey hit "Liar Liar". Furthermore "Pally Porkies" are groups of small lies that in the end lead the advancement of the disorder.

The symptoms of the advanced strain of Pallying can also lead to the victim telling stories they have already heard and trying to make themselves look good. It may also result in the victim been a dodgy bastard to his mates.

As yet there is no cure for Pallying or Obafemi Pallying. However help knowing if your friend has the disease can be helped by the strong smell of bullshit.
Michael:"I've won the lottery!"
Shane:"So your Pallying then"

Michael:"I've got a Ferrari"
Andrew:"Someones Obafemi Pallyingggg"

Michael:"I stopped a shop lifter yesterday when she was eating cornflakes out the packet"
Ashley:"Someone is telling Pally Porkies"

by Gertrude Bearmont August 19, 2006
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